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2022 Manual

New Year, New Manual

This manual covers everything you need to know about the 2022 convention covering Genesis, our theme "the Promise" and our theme verse, Genesis 28:15.

2022 Schedule

April 22nd - 24th

Our convention is in April, but get your weekend planning started now. This is the most recent schedule and is subject to change.

Study Guide

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What's LTCNW?

Training the Church

Leadership Training for Christ Northwest (LTCNW) is an annual convention for 3rd-12th graders held in April in Richland, Washington. We designed LTCNW to challenge and train young people to build up their talents and skills to serve the church for the rest of their lives.

Desert Trees

The Promise

Genesis 28:15

God creates the cosmos and fills it with a glorious host. He blesses that host and provides them all they need for flourishing. God's creation reaches a crescendo when he makes humans in his own image. His invitation to them is to rule and reign over his marvelous masterpiece.

Genesis is the story about God's promises and continual invitations to return to his project. Dive into God's story and see how God is working to get his project back on track and again dwell with his creatures.


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