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2024 Manual

All the Rules for Convention

This manual covers what you need to know about the 2024 convention, where we will explore the life of Moses and the creation of a nation. 

2025 Schedule

April 15th-27th

Our convention is in April, but get your weekend planning started now. This is the most recent schedule and is subject to change.


Study Guide

and other resources

Download all the documents you could ever want for LTCNW. 

Registration Portal

For Church Coordinators

Registration will open on December 1st, 2024

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What's LTCNW?

Training the Church

Leadership Training for Christ Northwest (LTCNW) is an annual convention for 3rd-12th graders held in April in Richland, Washington. We designed LTCNW to challenge and train young people to build up their talents and skills to serve the church for the rest of their lives.

Headed to Sinai

Called Out

Life of Moses

Leaving their homes and everything they have ever known, the Israelites depart the verdant Nile River Delta and head into the Wilderness to worship their God.

Join us in April 2024 to look at the Life of Moses and God's miraculous creation act which brings forth Israel. Study the Torah with us and learn that we can grow like trees planted by streams of water, even when we find ourselves in the desert. 


Convention Location:

Richland Church of Christ

933 Thayer Dr
Richland, WA 99352


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Thomas Morse

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