Church Coordinator Meeting

LTCNW has a lot of moving pieces. Set your congregation and students up for success by attending this Zoom meeting hosted by the LTCNW Board. This is a great place to share ideas for preparation, ask questions, and obtain resources for the coming months. 

We are hosting two meetings in September. One on September 13th and one on the 15th. Both meetings will be held at 6 pm PST.  If you are interested in attending, please click the link below. If you want to know more, keep scrolling or fill out our contact form

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Church Coordinator Meeting Details (Times in PST)

Brief introductions and Prayer

Timeline Overview (with deadlines)

Judges Discussion

Event Spotlight (Bible Class Teaching; Contextual Bible Bowl; Bible Bowl changes)

LTC Church Preparation Roundtable Discussion

Request for Referrals for the Intro to LTC Zoom in October

General Questions and Discussion

We are hosting two of these meetings to better serve our church coordinators' busy schedules. You do not have to be a church coordinator in order to attend.  If you are brand new to LTCNW, we will host a separate meeting in October to help familiarize interested families and congregations with how to get involved.